COMPANY About us


"Kontinum brings you the premier Hi-Fi audio listening experience"

Music can be described as a continuum, a coherent progression of elements varying by minute, detailed degrees. Kontinum's mission is to deliver this continuum to you, without missing the smallest detail your favorite artists designed. 

Kontinum's story begins with James Lee, former CEO of Astell & Kern and Iriver limited. James Lee drove the Hi-Fi audio industry forward for 8 years pioneering the capabilities of portable Hi-Fi audio, and realized that the current boundaries of Hi-Fi audio needed to be pushed even further. Kontinum Limited is the result of these boundaries being broken, bringing you a listening experience previously unimagined.

Listen as if you're in the studio: Kontinum players deliver the premier Hi-Fi audio listening experience, using custumized main audio circuits and software.

Listen continually: Kontinum players are equipped with an exchangeable Tesla type of commercially available battery, allowing you to listen at peak performance for hours and giving our players their unique physique. 

Kontinum believes the capabilities of Hi-Fi audio must be challenged. The quest for the perfection of sound will continue, leading to more innovations and products you will love along the way.